Friday, April 8, 2011

Finally it's Friday

This has been one long week. Last night my daughter and her husband brought my grandbabies over. They are staying for a few days. JJ is almost 2 and Carol is almost 3. Talk about energy! I get tired just watching them run all over the house after their "Auntie Boo" (Heather). She is their favorite person in the world and they cling to her like glue. Grandma comes in a straight second. Oh well. What can I say? Heather is going to make a wonderful mama. Kids just love her.
We have a skunk in our neighborhood that has been spraying all over the place. It concerns me because we only smell it during the daytime. Skunks aren't supposed to be out during daylight, which tells me it could be sick- even rabid. That would not be good if it got one of the dogs or worse, one of the neighborhood kids. I hope it doesn't show up in my yard.

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