Friday, May 27, 2011

And so the week ends

Yesterday we went out in the garage to find 3 inches of water filling it. Apparently, sometime during the night the supply line for the water heater burst, spraying water into the closet and eventually out into the garage. We lost all the flooring we were getting ready to install in the house, my son in law lost a MIG welder and bunch of stuff. All in all, it wasn't bad, but it was enough to make us take stock in how we keep things in there. Luckily most of our things were in 30 gallon plastic totes. Otherwise I would have lost all my mom's things that I have been keeping in there. 
On a higher note, my son Sean was inducted into the Junior National Honor Society last night. I am really proud of him. He is a great kid.
Marshall was off today, having hurt his back clearing out the garage yesterday. He is also sunburnt. Poor man. He has to stand at work for 8 hours tomorrow and his legs are cramping and he is miserable. He won't even get a good night's sleep tonight because we are taking Sean to a lock-in tonight at 10 and picking him up at 1am. Oh yeah. 
Heather spent the day with her boyfriend and his family for his birthday today. So far he seems to be ok. Time will tell.
Well, gotta go get dinner out of the oven. Have a good day tomorrow everyone!

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