Sunday, July 24, 2011

What a month it has been!

Whew! We finally got the bathroom and the floors finished! Here are the photos of how the bathroom turned out:

I am one happy woman. Marshall and Jason did a wonderful job and I love having the jacuzzi tub to soak in. 
My garden is pretty much gone for now. We did get some rain two days ago, but not in enough time to save it. I did find one lone sunflower growing under my outside sink though. 
Heather cut it and gave it to my mother in law. 
We had a good visit while they were here and now Ian and Sean are in Florida with their father for a two week visit. Things here are really quiet without them here. Usually there is the sound of video games somewhere in the house, but with them gone Bryan is spending more time out with his friend Michael and working for the little old ladies in the neighborhood than he does at home. So Heather and I are alone a lot. The grandkids are gone too, until next weekend, and Jess and Jason are usually out somewhere with friends. I can't say I am complaining about the silence. It is nice to have it when I can get it.
Meet the newest member of our house. This is Zoey. She is a 6-7 year-old Australian Shepherd/Husky mix. She used to belong to my mother in law, but now she lives with us. The first picture is what she looks like now without all the hair. The second one is one with all her hair.
See why we shaved her? It is too hot down here for that kind of hair.
Well, I better get going. I have dishes to wash that have been calling me. Have a great one everybody!

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