Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Happy Day!

My sons are home from Florida! They were stuck in Tampa for a while because of the weather, and the airline put their luggage on another plane, but they are home safe and sound and that is all that matters. I have missed them very much. Call me selfish, but I don't like it when my family is split up, even for a short time. When they all move out I am going to be a basket case, I can tell. 
I spent the morning weeding my garden. I only lasted an hour before the heat got to me and I had to go inside. It is really hot here and I just don't do well in it now. It sure didn't feel this hot when I was a kid and spent so much time playing outside...
Tomorrow I want to get the month's grocery shopping done, finish the weeding, get the garden ready for fall planting, and do laundry. 
I took 3 of the dogs to be dipped today so now they are all pretty smelling and flea-free!