Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I have to get better

about writing here. I have been so busy with the start of school and getting the routines back on schedule that I haven't had time enough it seems. So for yet another of my month updates:
Jess and Jason have split up, she is living with a friend and he and the kids are back at his parents' house. Heather is still in school as are Sean and Bryan. Ian is still trying to find where he needs to be. Marshall has been working tons of hours and is exhausted. 
We have started setting up for Halloween. Heather and I have been getting decorations and getting all of it ready to go. At least we aren't having to work around renovations. Those are done for the time being., thank goodness. We do have a little bit left to do and some grout to replace, but other than that we are good.
Yesterday I fell and hit the side of my jaw on the back of the couch (don't ask, I am still trying to figure out how I managed that), so I am walking around looking like a chipmunk. I twisted my back too, and my neck, so I have a new friend in Advil. 
I made my first batch of Berry Brew from BulkHerbStore.com last Saturday, but I think I did something wrong, because it says at the end of the first week of it setting you have to mix it then let it ferment for 3 more weeks. Yesterday I went to mix it and it was covered in what looks like mold! Ew! I emailed them and asked if that is normal, but haven't heard back from them yet. I hope it isn't, because I don't want to be drinking mold. 
This week I will also be making a batch of elderberry tincture for the upcoming flu season. I know that won't mold. The base is 80 proof vodka. It takes about a week to make, but it is the best flu fighter I know of.
I finally replaced the front loaders! Now I have a washer that actually gets the clothes clean! I am so happy :)
Well, that's about it for now. Hopefully I will have more time to keep this updated. Have a great day everyone!