Thursday, September 27, 2012


Since I am sure there aren't many readers on here I haven't been posting lately because life has been really chaotic since school started. I have been busy trying to keep it all straight since Marshall isn't working at a regular job anymore because of his back. He has been babysitting for his sister, watching the twins, but that is about to end too because he can't handle the pain and keeps losing the feeling in both legs. He is afraid he will drop one of the babies or will fall when carrying one of them.
Heather is working now, and Ian is trying to get another job since his old one isn't giving him the hours he wants. Sean is hard at work at school with the DATA program and theater and orchestra.
That's about all, but with what I wrote, plus all the stuff in between, it is making for long days and even longer times between posts. Maybe one day it will get better :)

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