Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Back to the Gym

Yesterday I finally went back to the gym after being out of it since March 19th. The good news is that I only gained 2 pounds back. The bad news is that I wasn't able to do the full 3 miles because I have lost some endurance. It has also been a month since I quit smoking! I am turning into one of those non-smokers I used to hate though. Every bit of smoke smell that Marshall gets on him bugs me, his nicotine breath bugs me, the smell of the ashtrays outside bugs me--seems I am really sensitive right now. I have also developed a real problem with eating garlic. I get nauseous and it repeats for 24 hours and makes me miserable, so no more garlic for me. It has been an interesting month so far. I can't wait to see what else the future holds.


Bohemian mom said...

Okay, this is awesome!! Way to go! I am trying SO HARD to quit smoking - HOW did you do it? I can't get past a couple of days before I lose all willpower.
Take your time with the work out and don't be so hard on yourself....it can only improve from here!
I love garlic - that's too bad it's making you sick.
p.s. must make the check - did you email me last night/today? Let me know here and I'll check back later.

Bohemian mom said...

p.s. must make the check (troll is a nutcase and using other's emails) - did you email me? Let me know HERE and I'll check back later. Sorry for the confusion, but I must protect my daughter and my professional reputation.

Anna said...

Yeah I did. The request was sent from RavenNtwng.