Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Will Wonders Never Cease?

Two posts in two days.. wow! I am on a roll! 
I went to the gym this morning after waking up to the rainy, drizzly nastiness that was outside. I really had to force myself out of the bed, but having promised Bree we would go, I made myself. Nothing like an accountability buddy to get you on your feet and moving. I can say I am glad I went, now that it is all said and done. I got in some jogging on the treadmill and with the biking I did this morning on my little stationary bike in my bedroom, I did a total of 4.5-ish miles today. YAY ME!  I even inspired Bree to jog some too :) She's like me, hates exercise, but knows she needs it so we go and put ourselves at the mercy of the gym gods and pray they will like us and help us lose weight. Tomorrow will tell if I messed up my right knee again. I just love arthritis. NOT!
As to the house, well, it is going. The pups tore up all the carpeting Marshall put down last week on the back porch, so that has to come back up. Naughty pups. We did get Bryan's room done, now to put everything back. The kitchen is still a wreck, but we will be working in there today and hopefully get it finished in the next day or so. We did finish the shelving in the dining room and got all the books and stuff put back and all that is left in there is to get my Grandma's table and the new chairs put in. We have to go to storage when it is not raining for that though.
Bryan's school is still going well. We are working on algebra, a little geometry, cells in science, folk tales and Kipling for his reading and for history we have our family in Texas. My mother's family used to own the majority of Medina County here, and learning about them and the family is a lot of fun, at least for me. Yesterday we went to a local museum, The Witte, to see the dinosaur exhibit and to also see the south Texas exhibits. I was hoping there was something there about our family, but there wasn't. I guess I need to get some stuff and have it put in there, if possible. I know the Institute of Texan Cultures has some stuff from my dad's family on display and that will probably be the next field trip we take when Bryan is done with my mom's side. 
Well, that's about it for now. Time to get going on getting more stuff done in the house. Have a great day folks :) 

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