Thursday, August 1, 2013

Over the Past Few Days

The past few days were full of drama. I am getting tired of drama and can't wait until things calm down here and the drama goes away.  
  Jess and Logan broke up on Tuesday because she felt neglected and he was tired of getting yelled at. Neither one of them needs a relationship right now, but they aren't listening. 
  My MIL, FIL, and Ian got moved over to their house yesterday and now we are going to clean and set up the office in the room Mavis and Glenn were in. I am going to love having space to myself.
  I hate houseflies. There are too many of them in the house at the moment because people are constantly going in and out and letting them in. The kitchen is over-run and it makes me itchy.
  Friday is the day we are losing the 4 cats. Ian is taking his 2 and Heather and Sean are getting their 2. I am going to miss the kitties, but it will be a lot cheaper on the cat food bill.
  I still have an ear infection or something making it hard to hear out of my left ear. I am going on 2 weeks now. This is not fun.
  Logan started his new job this morning. He is working at a cement fabrication company in Converse. I had to have him at work at 6:45 but I am not sure what time he gets out. I hope he keeps this. He needs a job. 
  Marshall still hasn't heard about his disability. I hope they decide soon. It is driving him nuts not knowing.
  I am getting ready to tear down the garden. It has been so hot here that watering is going to be too expensive for me to continue. I can get the basil plants into planters and keep the mint, but the rest is going to have to come down. I still have no peppers and very few tomatoes, so they are a waste of time, I think. 

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