Saturday, June 4, 2011

At The End of the Week

Summer has started. The heat level around here is near or a little over 100 most days. My garden is suffering since the city has enacted stage 2 water restrictions and it looks like only the herbs will survive. 
The drama level here is still high and folks are getting on eachother's nerves every day. I blame the heat. The poor A/C is working overtime and still the house sits at around 80.
My granddaughter Carol got into Heather's nail polish sometime in the middle of the night last night and is now silver. Her mom was not pleased. Neither was Heather.
I'm doing laundry today. I have been a little lazy lately and have gotten behind, so today is laundry day.
Tomorrow is Marshall's only day off this week. He is exhausted, but that is part of being in management and he knows it. Right now he is lying in the bed watching TV and resting before he goes in at 3:30. 
I am still working with Max. He is really bad about biting. He got Marshall on the leg last night. He also likes the kids' toys. He is slowly learning the word "No" but it is taking time.